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Written by on 19th February 2020

Sometimes understanding the purpose of life, why we came to this planet, can be like putting together a puzzle whose pieces are scattered around the world. Some people do not complete their puzzles because they often have no patience, or they lack the desire to do it or they are scared. Following are some ways to identify your life purpose

Recognize your talents and passions:

This is probably the easiest way to find out your goal. Observing and following your talents and passions can lead you to feel satisfied, happy and even acquiring wealth. It doesn’t matter if they are talents you have from birth or that you have acquired over time: they have been given to you for a reason. How to understand your passionsRecognize your talents and passions

What makes you cry with joy?

What do people say you are good at doing?

What entertains you and others?

What makes you feel excited and keep you wake up at night.

Look at your past:

Sometimes it can be difficult to reflect on one’s past. The secret is to use our past to go further and make sense of where we are now.

Looking at our past to understand the meaning of our purpose involves knowing how to put together the pieces of the puzzle. Here are the questions to do it. Under what circumstances was I born? What were the main mistakes or constraints of your parents? Where did you fail in?Look at your past

Failure should never be something that remains forever. It exists only to teach us what and how to do better next time. your aim could be to get back into the game and repeat the experience to face it differently and, finally, overcome it.

Who influenced you the most in a positive way?

Was she a teacher, a writer, an actor, a boss, a president or a local hero? If they have changed your life, then perhaps you can carry out their mission by taking an example from them.


There are 4 purposes that unite us allThere are 4 purposes that unite us all

Be as happy as possible.

Live life as you wish.

Making a difference in the lives of others.

Leave the world a little better than when you arrived on this earth.

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Open to different purposes:

Many of us have more than one purpose, but we often have only one main goal in life, and other smaller reasons to exist. Maybe someone is destined to be a good parent but, at the same time, he can also make his mark in other ways. In this way, two different purposes can be combined into a single and larger one.

people also ask

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Get ready for your purpose from here and now:

What you do on this earth now is much more important than what you do tomorrow. Today is certain, tomorrow is not. If you think your purpose is to share your art with the world, then start doing it today! If you feel that you could be a good entrepreneur, and then go ahead on this mission! You may discover something that will give your life meaning before you have finished your journey. We always wait for the right time, but this does not exist. Focus on your purpose today than waiting for tomorrow, and next month and the next years to come. Life is now, not tomorrow.Get ready for your purpose from here and now



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