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About Trainer

Dr.P.P. Vijayan


Dr. P.P. Vijayan is an Internationally acclaimed Mind Trainer, Psychologist, Author, Success coach and Business strategist. He has four Master Degrees in Psychology (M.Sc.), Political Science and International Relations (MA), Law (LLM) and Business Management (MBA) and Ph.D. from the University of Kerala. A post-doctoral research fellow and a visiting faculty in many premier universities in India and abroad, he is a trained professional in IT management from the Govt. of Japan. As a master trainer for many famous corporate bodies around the world, he has travelled in more than 60 countries for training activities. 

You can program your mind for

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How Mind Mastery Excel Program benefits you

Helps to improve wealth

Benefits your health

Achieve an entirely new of living

Inculcate new beliefs, values and habits

Enjoy a simple, de-cluttered life

Attain new levels of consciousness

Have a new life blue print

Be in total control of your life

Helps overcome phobias and fears

Relieves psychosomatic diseases

Helps overcome rejections and failures

Heals relationships

Delays aging process

Boosts immune system

Re-programming of the subconscious

Develops personal magnetism and positive thinking

Achieving the goals through mind leveraging

Enhances happiness

Mind reading of others

Focused attention and greater success

Attains soul wisdom

Creates your own financial world

Helps to achieve peak performance

Eliminates negative thoughts, releases negative emotions

The course includes

Strategies to transform your life

How to transform your beliefs and values

9 ways to debug your mind

Habit and attitude transformation methods

How to reset your core values

Create a new blueprint for your life

Models of the future

15 powerful beliefs that will push you towards success

How to make a genius out of an ordinary person

How to map your level of consciousness

Create positive neural pathways

Achieve high levels of emotional intelligence

Learn how external programs affect you

Remove unwanted programmes from your subconscious mind

And build positive programs inside you

Keep your brain active always

Steps of scientific prayer

Remove pollution and contamination from your mind

Heal relationships by developing lifelong commitment

Increase compassion, acceptance and forgiveness

Understand your subconscious connection with other people

Excellent human relations at home and the work place

Understand the mind/body connection in disease

Faster healing and wellness enhancement

How Mind Mastery Excel changes the life of our participants

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