The essence of trust building is to emphasize the similarities between you and the customer.” – Thomas J Watson Sr, former chairman and CEO of IBM


Are you a Real Estate Developer or Seller who has readied a good property, apartment or commercial real estate and patiently waits for the buyer to notice, bid and buy it?

Then you are moving on the wrong path. Across the developed world, be it in the US, UK or Far East in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia, Real Estate Business is far more programmed, systematic and professional than in the Indian subcontinent and hence it rakes in moolah in far greater measure than here.

There is an ‘active sale’ in real estate in these parts the way it happens in any other kind of sales like automobile sales, gold sales or textile sales. There is a prospecting method, presentation method and closing method in real estate in these ‘professional worlds’. In the absence of the same, the sales here is so low and so slow too.

Finding these major deficiencies, I have devised two programs, Billionaire Mindset Revealed-II focusing on Real Estate which spans four days and the NLP Rel Estate Sales Mastery spanning three days. The courses will equip you with Real Estate Sales Skills on par with the developed world.

Love what you are doing because that’s the only way you’ll ever be really good at it.” – Fred Trump, real estate developer


At a time when the Real Estate is on an upward trend now, these skills will help you double or triple your sales or make it even 10-fold. The courses will prepare you for both buying and selling.

My questions to you are these:

Do you know the psychology of sales?

Do you know Real Estate Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) makes you a master in sales. Your sales thoughts, skills, techniques, verbal and non-verbal communications skills, etc. would undergo a real transformation as you undergo training in the program. NLP will work wonders for you in Real Estate Business.

NLP keenly tracks how the customer thinks, how they interact, how they behave and how they express their feelings and researches the link between them. Accordingly, you can polish your sales strategy to achieve sales targets. The NLP Techniques will convert the ‘NOs’ of the customer into ‘YES’.

Do you know Emotional Selling is 3000 times more powerful than logical selling? NLP will task you with that skill too.

When you task Sales Management Firms and Sales Executives with NLP, the customer automatically becomes contented and customer service and retention become easy.

NLP Sales Techniques help you understand your own mind and as well as of those around. You will systematically overcome the resistance from the buyer and build trust in him/her and thus bring more sales.

You will learn

101 New Prospecting Methods


Globally-acclaimed business trainers and strategists, led by me (Dr.P.P. Vijayan), reveal the never before known sales secrets in the NLP programs. These are secrets which you will not get from any business schools.

What’s coming up on Nov 20,21 and 22 in 2020 is an unparalleled NLP Sales in Real Estate Business Workshop that unravels and links Hypnotic Sales, NLP Sales and Traditional Sales Strategies in one program. It will redraft you as a salesperson with an International Certification and with skills that are now exclusive to the developed world. You will find real situation solutions, inside stories, in-thing of the market, suggestive buyer behaviors and sales frequency acceleration tactics.




  • Consistently attain your goals in sales

  • Improve self-respect and self-confidence

  • Improve your communication and presentation skills

  • Excel in competition

  • Understand the psychology of selling

  • Generate more leads from calls

  • Perform in exceptional manner

  • Understand the 7-stage proven sales process

Ways to overcome difficulties using mind power

Business is a combination of war and sport.” – Andre Maurois, French Author


  • How to double your sales in six months or even less than that
  • How to use Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Sales

  • 101 New Ways of Prospecting

  • To identify types of Prospects

  • To generate 1000 new prospects at no extra cost

  • How to achieve sales target

  • How to use Internet and Social Media in sales

  • How to effectively Telemarket

  • How to strike a chord instantly and build trust on that

  • How to master the art of pleasing and persuasion

  • How to successfully tackle the main reasons put forth by clients to avoid buying

  • How to reinforce the emotional reasons to buy

  • Hypnotic Sales

  • What is meant by 80/20 Rules? How to implement it in sales? The 80:20 Working Table

  • The common 4 mistakes committed by the sales executives. How to avoid them

  • Different ways of follow-up

  • The 7 types of consumer identity and how to deal with each of them

  • New knowledge about the Innovative Sales System

  • Emotional Strategies

  • And Sales Strategies

Who All can Participate in NLP Real Estate Program.

Goal Setting

  • Any individual, Group or Companies

  • Entrepreneurs

  • Start-up Companies

  • Financial Advisors

  • Marketing Consultants

  • Marketing Analysts

  • Sales Managers

  • Team Leaders

Multi-sensory Accelerated Learning Techniques are used for the superior outcome at the workshop. Three months’ learning content is provided in three days. A treasure trove is unfolding before you. Make it to the program to make it big in Real Estate.

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