NLP Sales Mastery : Innovative Techniques that will Increase Your Sales Volume


NLP Sales Mastery


What makes people buy your product or service? If you can answer this question, it is easy for you to sell your product or service to anyone you want. So, let’s try to find out the psychology of the human mind while they are deciding to buy a product or service. Most of the time people would make a decision only if the two conditions exist. 1) Need or Want 2) Worthy to be Satisfied. In fact, all buyers have their buying strategies. When it comes to selling a product, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Sales Mastery offers numerous methods that would help you become the best salesperson.

If you closely analyze the buying journey of a person, they always prefer to have a specific path. In practice, the people don’t buy from a salesperson they like, but from those they trust. For instance, take a jewelry shop, some of the salespeople in that jewelry shop have repeated customers. They wait for the particular salesperson even if he is busy. This happens only because of the rapport and the trust created by the salesperson with the buyer. 

Many companies highlight their product, their advantages, and services through their advertisements. But to be true, this will not have any effect if the customer did not trust the salesperson or the company. Why don’t buyers trust salespeople easily? They believe that salespeople only care about their money, not their needs and concerns. Remember trustworthiness plays a vital role while selling a product. So, how do you make yourself trustworthy in the eyes of a buyer?

If you want to become a successful credible salesperson, then you need to know modern techniques and approaches towards your buyers. NLP Sales Mastery will enable you to realize the trust deficit and help you to build your credibility.


Introduction to Lifeline’s NLP Sales Mastery Program

You need to have the right mindset to achieve your sales targets. How one should create the right mindset. NLP Sales Mastery Program is a unique workshop that will enable you to increase your skills related to attitude, hypnotic selling, overcoming objections, and closing methods. This Program defines how to think, how to interact, how to behave, and how to express your emotions with your customer.

With our NLP Sales Mastery Training Program, you will become the most successful person. This accelerated learning program will help you understand how to increase your sales, develop a strategic proposition with the customer, and well-organized sales process within your company.

How we help to improve your sales with our NLP Sales Mastery Program

1.Develop your customer value proposition

This includes how to identify your ideal client profile and their behavior. Communicate your offers, how your product adds value and benefit to the customer. You will learn how to outdo your competitor.

2.Winning Sales Attitude

Being a salesperson, you will come across many challenging situations. NLP Sales Mastery will teach you how to be optimistic in such a situation and play the blame game wisely.

Positive Influence and Persuasion

With our NLP Sales Mastery Program, you will acquire an enormous capacity to influence and persuade your customer positively. This includes how to communicate, the frequency of communication, and means by which you should reach them (sending emails, newsletters, blogs, SMS, etc)

Develop Long-Term Rapport with Customer

If your clients consider you trustworthy, they will naturally keep a strong relationship with you. Why do you need to build a lasting client relationship? Every client can be a potential customer, also he can give you referrals and thereby more business. This program offers you proven ways to build rapport with your clients.

Develop the right mindset for a salesperson

Only a person with enormous confidence will have the right mindset. You need to be well-informed about the product/service and should have an effective communication style. You should always have a clear mind to hear your customer needs.

The Art of Asking Questions for Sales

Probing is a way to pitch your product/service to your clients. NLP Sales Mastery will help you to frame questions correctly. Only by asking questions you will understand, the needs, wants and pain points of your customer, leading to sales.  

Handling Sales Objections

You need to carefully listen to your customer, understand the objection and y respond to the customer. Make sure that you have given a satisfactory response. Our NLP Sales Mastery program incorporates innovative approaches to overcome sales objections. 

Tips to close sales quickly

This course offers you various NLP closing techniques to quickly and effectively close sales. With this course, you will be one step ahead of your competitor.


Our NLP Sales Mastery Program will enable you to improves your sales skills by including an ideal model for state management, developing inner resilience and strength, mental preparation, framing, building your network, establishing trust and value, negotiating, overcoming objections, closing, etc

Reasons to Join This Course Right Now:

Ø The world is becoming very competitive in the coming years if you want to edge out in this competition, you need to upgrade yourself with modern, scientific, and innovative techniques in sales and marketing.

Ø The course is presented by Dr. P P Vijayan, who is a world recognized Motivational Speaker, Mind Trainer, Success Coach, and Business Strategist. He has over 40+ years of proven experience in this field of NLP, sales, influence, and persuasion.

Ø Our NLP Sales Mastery Program incorporates numerous innovative techniques that are exclusive to our students. 

How Will You Benefits from NLP Sales Mastery Program

  • You will learn how to establish rapport and confidence with your client
  • You will learn to refine your communication skills (both verbal and non-verbal) to pitch your sales
  • You will learn how to generate more sales
  • You will learn how to do Your Sales More Energetically
  • You will Learn Transactional Selling
  • You will learn the buying strategy of your customer
  • You will learn to handle objections and present your solutions
  • You will learn to master storytelling
  • You will learn to boost your Confidence Level instantly
  • You will learn the art of asking questions
  • You will learn to Understand the Psychology of Sales
  • You will learn how to have healthy competition and win
  • You will learn to persuade and influence your customer
  • You will learn to create more referrals
  • You will learn how to consistently hit sales targets
  • You will learn to close the deal quickly and successfully  

Who should Join NLP Sales Mastery Program?

Salespersons, Marketing Professionals, Motivational Speakers, Business Coach, Leaders, Entrepreneurs, CEO, CFO, Consultants, and anyone interested in learning powerful NLP techniques for sales, persuasion, and influence can join this program. 


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