Talk gold, close gold, Mega NLP makes your sales bold.

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Key benefits:

Tired of endless rejection calls and feeling like your
sales pipeline is bone dry? You’re not alone. Millions of salespeople struggle
to connect with prospects, build trust, and close deals. But what if there was
a secret weapon, a hidden language that unlocks the power of persuasion and
turns prospects into loyal customers? Introducing Mega NLP Sales
Mastery, your intensive 3-day program to master the art of Neuro-Linguistic
Programming and transform your sales conversations into winning outcomes. Led
by renowned NLP expert Dr. P.P. Vijayan, this immersive workshop will equip you
with the tools and techniques to excel in sales.

Understand human

Gain an edge in building rapport and trust by
understanding how people think, feel, and make decisions.

Read minds:

Develop the ability to interpret nonverbal cues
and subtle communication signals to understand customer needs better.

Craft irresistible

Learn NLP techniques to hook attention, build
desire, and overcome objections effortlessly.

Build unbreakable

Master rapport building and emotional
intelligence to create lasting client connections.


Years of sales had jaded me, and my negotiation
skills were rusty. Nlp Sales Mastery rekindled my passion and equipped me with
powerful negotiation tactics that boo​sted my average deal size by 15%! I feel
confident and motivated again. This program isn’t just about closing deals,
it’s about building long-term partnerships. Thank you

Sales professional

MEGA NLP SALES MASTERY was a game-changer! As a
newbie, I felt lost. The program gave me the tools and confidence to skyrocket
my lead generation by 20% and conversions by 30%! The NLP techniques unlock
deeper client understanding, leading to stronger bonds and faster deals. I’m
finally thriving in sales

TechStart Inc. 

MEGA NLP SALES MASTERY gave me the confidence I
lacked. Before, I stumbled over objections. Now, I handle them with ease! The
program’s unique techniques helped me close more deals and build lasting client
relationships. It’s the best sales investment I’ve ever made


The possibilities:

Imagine: You’re not just closing deals but
weaving them with the magic of words and understanding. Clients aren’t just
nodding; they’re mesmerized by your insights and captivated by your solutions.
The sales pipeline isn’t a stagnant pool; it’s a churning vortex overflowing
with qualified leads drawn in by your irresistible magnetism

Close deals with seemingly impossible clients.

Boost your conversion rates and watch your
revenue soar.

Become a trusted advisor and build long-term

Gain the confidence and charisma to command any sales

Mega NLP Sales Mastery is not
just a workshop; it’s a transformation. You’ll leave equipped with a powerful
toolkit of NLP techniques and a newfound understanding of the psychology of

From pushy salesperson to trusted advisor: NLP
Sales Mastery shows you how to build relationships that close deals.

Forget cold calls and endless follow-ups: NLP
unlocks the secrets of attracting prospects like moths to a flame.

Average sales stats to record-breaking results: NLP
Sales Mastery is the bridge between where you are and where you want to

Negotiate like a pro: Learn
advanced NLP strategies to navigate negotiations confidently and secure
the best possible deals.

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Dates: February
23rd-25th, 2024Location: Kochi

Imagine closing deals so
smoothly your prospects practically beg you to buy. 
Remember the days of chasing
leads? NLP Sales Mastery turns you into an irresistible magnet, attracting
high-value clients who crave your offering. 
Picture yourself confidently
stepping into any salesroom, knowing you hold the secret weapon of persuasion:
the power of NLP. 
Don’t let this opportunity
pass you by. Invest in yourself and your sales career. Register for Mega NLP
Sales Mastery today and unlock the hidden persuasive power within you!

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