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Did your beliefs prevent you from hitting your wealth aspirations? You want to be a billionaire? The Billionaire Mindset Program is for you!


You will learn endless internet and digital media possibilities in any profession or any business. You will master American English to communicate fluently with people in the richest and influential parts of the globe. You will gain motivation to become a global player. You need to spend only one hour every day from 8.30 pm to 9.30 pm for 3 to 6 months to achieve the success you deserve.

Chase your dreams with ADT Prime

Transform Yourself Today

Who can attend the course?

  • 1. Professionals
  • 2.Aspiring Professionals
  • 3.Entrepreneurs
  • 4.Aspiring Entrepreneurs
  • 5.Traders
  • 6.Manufacturers
  • 7.Consultants
  • 8.Trainers
  • 9.Teachers

Why Digital?


When you opt for the digital platform for your retail business, you don’t have to spend millions to script a success story. On the digital platform, you sell it to customers anywhere; you run your company from anywhere, and you deliver it at the doorsteps of customers everywhere. If you become an excellent trader in Amazon, eBay and Flipkart, you will run a business equivalent to having a million outlets. Every month the money from the sale gets automatically deposited in your bank account. Hence, you can create opportunities for yourself.

  • 2. Become a Successful Entrepreneur, Make money online
  • 3. Every student of ADT Prime will get personal care and attention.
  • 4. Become a certified digital marketer from ADT Prime Course 
  • 5. A laptop is recommended to do practical sessions daily.
  • 6. Assignments and seminar sessions will be conducted every week.
  • 7.10+ Internationally-Valid Certifications 


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