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Mind Mastery DI Training Course
Master Your Mind to Tap its Vast Potential
Are you disappointed with your progress in life or feel you are yet to tap your full potential? It’s time you harness the enormous potential of your subconscious mind. For that, you have to tame the “wandering” mind. Here’s an opportunity to master your mind and be the best version of yourself.
Lifeline introduces:-
Mind Mastery DI training program!
The unique course helps reprogram your subconscious mind. You can break the limiting self-beliefs and embrace a growth mindset. Experts will train you to feed your mind with positive, ambitious thoughts. The subconscious mind will act on impressions conveyed with a burning desire. It will open all available channels to the conscious mind to achieve your goals. Register to know more about the course.

 Mind Master
Dr. P. P. Vijayan, (MA, MSc, MBA, LLM. Ph. D)
Dr. Vijayan is a globally acclaimed Mind Trainer with nearly three decades of experience, a successful Psychologist, Success Coach, and Business Strategist. Dr. Vijayan designed the course, cashing in on his rich experience and knowledge. He has visited over 64 countries to extensively study the strategies and mindset of successful people, including business tycoons.

 Reprogram subconscious mind to align conscious goals with deeply held
 Discover your true personal mission and create a successful vision
 Learn goal-setting and the ways to achieve them systematically
 Ability to transcend limiting beliefs
 Build a mental blueprint for success
 Hone your mental sharpness and improve memory

 Achieve peak performance consistently
 Improve decision-making skill
 Develop laser-sharp focus
 Discover and enhance your creative abilities
 Enjoy resilience, enhanced health, and vitality
 Results in improved academic performance
 A guide to wealth creation and prosperity
 Practice intrinsic emotional regulation
 Build self-confidence and self-esteem
 Improve your social skills and relationships
 Enhance your mood and sense of calm
 Lower stress and anxiety
 Get better sleep
 Improve concentration
 Delay aging process
 Attain soul wisdom
 Practice forgiveness, gratitude, and unconditional love


Anyone who wishes to change their ordinary life into a happening one can attend the course. It doesn’t matter whether you are a student, job seeker, academician, professional, entrepreneur, or artist. The program immensely benefits those suffering from low self-esteem and memory loss.


 Two-day non-residential training by internationally-acclaimed Mind Trainer
Dr. P.P. Vijayan
 The multisensory accelerated learning methodology to facilitate easy, quick
knowledge grasping by participants
 Well researched, up-to-date International Quality Training Program
 Global Standard Content and course material for every participant
 Activity-oriented
 Subconscious level Training
 Prompt follow up, telephone support
 Classes held on the on-online platform
 90-day e-learning course for follow-up
 Refund Option: On-the-Spot money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the

International Standard Certification
The Lifeline certificate is a globally valid one and will add to your credentials.
Those who attended the program say they used the certification to get jobs and

Limited seats on offer! Register here (—) to attend a free orientation
session or to know more about the course.


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