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What makes Mind Mastery unique is that apart from the spiritual awakening, it brings about positive changes to one’s material existence. In other words, spiritual well-being and material well-being are complementary and fulfilling each other. The workshop helps you to identify those negative elements within you that constantly pull you down; to learn practical methods to eliminate them and instil positivism instead. The programme will also help you to set goals, design your career, improve your health and create better relationships.

How Mind Mastery Excel Program benefits you

Helps to improve wealth

Benefits your health

Achieve an entirely new of living

Inculcate new beliefs, values and habits

Enjoy a simple, de-cluttered life

Attain new levels of consciousness

Undergo complete reprogramming of thought patterns geared towards success

Have a new life blueprint

Be in total control of your life

Helps to identify and remove obstacles from your life

Helps overcome phobias and fears

Eliminates negative thoughts, releases negative emotions

Relieves psychosomatic diseases

Helps overcome rejections and failures

Heals relationships

Delays aging process

Boosts immune system

Re-programming of the subconscious

Develops personal magnetism and positive thinking

Goal setting and achieving the goals through mind leveraging

Enhances happiness

Focused attention and greater success

Attains soul wisdom

Creates your own financial world

Helps to achieve peak performance

You can programme your mind for:




Goal achievement

Peak performance

Soul nourishment

Stress elimination


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