Public Speaking & Leadership

What is Public Speaking & Leadership Program?

Workshop by Dr. Jiji Vijayan

Public speaking is an art of addressing large gathering and communicate to them effectively what one intends to inform them about. Many people are nervous when they thought about public speaking- however, if you are an entrepreneur, solo operator or running a small company there will come a time when you are going to have to step out onto the stage and perform. Yes, it’s called making a speech. To deliver a good speech, let alone a great speech, you need to view what you are doing as a performance rather than making a presentation. You need to see yourself as the captain of your company and you need to practice your craft until it becomes effortless so that you alone are seen as the expert in the room.

The programme will also equip you with the confidence and competence to deal with a variety of clients- from businessmen to students- and to lead them through individualised yet established methods of success coaching. The comprehensive training is designed in such a way that you can learn and apply business development skills and professional marketing expertise.

Do not miss out these benefits:

  1.  How to present on stage
  2.  Become a confident leader
  3.  Image Management
  4.  Identify your core issue regarding public presents
  5.  Developing Critical Thinking Skills
  6.  Fine-Tuning Verbal and Nonverbal Skills
  7. Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking
  8.  Influencing the World around You
  9.  Developing Leadership Skills
  10. Becoming a Thought Leader

On the basis of 2 days training in the workshop, you will be given a practical evaluation based on your performance after 21 days

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