Qualities of a True Friend

Friends are the supporting pillars in an individual’s life. We could say that they are our life companions. Obviously, friendly relationships provide much more than just help when we need them. This hypothesis is not just part of the common wisdom, there are studies that show that a great and solid social support prolongs our lives.

But when it comes to friendships, sometimes we have thoughts like, “What is it that makes a true friendship different from a simple colleague?”, “What are the emotional demands that make a friend so unique that we call him best friend or soul mate in our hearts? “A true friend always shows good character and is always fair in his behavior. As a true friend, one should be always honest and transparent. Following are some of the qualities of a true friend.

Trust – be Trustworthy and Reliable:

Trustworthiness is proof of a consistent character and competence. Be the person of your word. Hold it tightly. Reliability triggers safety, and friendship grows in safety. Trust encourages people to tell the truth and thus lays the foundation for a well-functioning relationship. If you are honest in a relationship it will be open like a book. Be open, authentic and communicative. whether you present or absent a true friend is faithful under all circumstances, he does not talk bad about you and does not allow others to make you bad. He defends you when he sees a threat, but also gives you opinions to find solutions to your own problems. He also has no trouble alerting you that you were wrong and have explanations for it. A true friend will let you make your own decisions.

Respecting your Emotions:

Much is reflected in the word respect. Respect one person. Recognition of achievements. Appreciation of abilities. It is important: it must be given by both sides! Without respect, no friendship is possible. Show sensitivity through your behavior, impress with sympathy and the ability to notice things without being mentioned. Be approachable, and respond respectfully to questions. Be a bridge builder, not a destroyer. Whatever you tell your friend, you can be sure he’ll keep it to himself. You also have the confidence that he would not talk bad about you.

Motivator – Support and give hope and Self-Confidence to others:

Be encouraging, helpful, hopeful and an energetic friend. Surround yourself with people who are the same. They motivate us to accept ourselves better. We, humans, have the tendency to be very self-critical (which, however, can be constructive). Psychiatrists say that true friends encourage us when we are too frustrated with ourselves.People feel better around familiar people who can give them encouragement and support when needed. The closest friends are those who express their opinions when they realize their friend is in feeling low. True friends increase our self-esteem in a natural way.

They tell us when we are wrong. They feel confident in knowing that they only want the best for us, so they warn us if they think we’re making a mistake. Neither of us is perfect, and our true friends are capable of noticing our mistakes and drawing our attention to them so we can learn something. They are able to show us what we are doing well as well as where our weak points lie, and in both cases to give us the support we need.