Real Estate Billionaire – It’s Your Time to Increase Sales & Become a
Visible Real Estate Consultant or Investor.

Unlocking the Enigma with REAL
increase or if you want to become the No. 1 Real Estate Property Dealer or if
you want to be the wisest investor this Real Estate Event is for you.
Join us for an exhilarating 2-day journey to elevate your real
estate sales prowess to unprecedented heights. Dr. Vijayan, a master trainer
with unrivalled expertise, will guide you through a transformative experience
that promises to revolutionise your property sales game.

Key Topics of Learning 
Day 1

How to
become a real estate billionaire – The road map 

 In this
session we are going to share our framework of success. The exact plan which
has made us earn billions in just 90 days. 

How to sell
your real estate better?

This session is going to help you drive better sales for your
real estate interest and also learn how to sell someone else’s property using
digital and make a whooping commission out of it. 

How to
negotiate and win in real estate dealings?

Through this session you will acquire advanced negotiation
techniques, enabling them to secure favorable real estate deals while
cultivating collaborative relationships, ultimately elevating their success and
prowess in the real estate industry.

How to
master sales presentations and referral methods?

Here you will develop mastery in delivering compelling sales
presentations and implementing effective referral methods, equipping them to
confidently showcase real estate offerings, expand their client network, and
substantially enhance their sales success,

How to gain
explosive sales growth in the digital age?

This session will help you to acquire the strategies to harness
digital tools and platforms for maximum market reach, coupled with techniques
to build authentic client connections, leading to rapid and impactful sales
growth in today’s digital landscape. This session empowers you as agile digital
marketers and relationship builders, driving explosive sales results in the
modern business arena.           

Day 2

How to
enhance real estate success rate with neuroscience?

This session will empower you with a deeper understanding of
buyer motivations and decision-making processes, enabling you to tailor your
approaches and communication techniques for higher engagement and conversion

How to
achieve peak performance through refined sales techniques?

This session will empower participants with the expertise to
optimize their sales approach, harnessing refined techniques to boost
confidence, increase conversions, and unlock their full potential, resulting in
exceptional peak performance in real estate sales.

How to get
benefited from hypnotic strategies in modern property sales?

This session will provide participants with ethical hypnotic
strategies that enhance communication, rapport-building, and persuasive skills,
enabling them to engage buyers more effectively, overcome objections, and drive
higher success rates in modern property sales.

How to
enhance engagement with potential buyers?

This session will equip participants with tactful speed
seduction techniques to quickly establish rapport, create emotional
connections, and amplify buyer engagement, leading to more compelling property
interactions and increased sales success.

How to
achieve market dominance and excellence in real estate sales?

This session will provide you with proven strategies and
innovative tactics to establish market dominance and excel in real estate
sales, equipping you to outperform competitors and elevate your business to new

in it for You?

Unlock the secrets of becoming a visionary real estate
consultant: Harness the million-dollar sales techniques that transform your
path to wealth.

Watch your money blossom as you plant seeds of investment
wisdom: Discover the art of real estate alchemy in person.

Craft income streams that flow effortlessly like a river: Master
the art of automation and AI.

Transform obstacles into springboards of success: Learn the art
of skilful objection handling.

Let real estate be your passport to a world of adventure: As
your investments soar, explore the globe like never before.

This workshop is for anyone
seeking to discover and overcome blocks hindering them from a life of
abundance, pleasure, and inner peace. It’s a unique opportunity to take control
of your life, understand our world, and enrich your soul.

Bountiful Rewards for Enrolling in
This Course.


Build an
unbreakable pipeline of prosperity through expert techniques. Convert
prospects into loyal clients with confidence and finesse.


Stay ahead
by outsmarting competitors in the prospecting landscape. Craft
unique market approaches for unparalleled results.


towards referrals through satisfied clients.Decode the
real estate mind for effective sales strategies.


Master the
art of persuasive marketing messages. Use
emotions to close deals with impact.


genuine buying decisions through emotional connection.Streamline
sales processes for maximum momentum.


prospects into lasting clients through expert methods.Architect
your path to success step by step.


tasks for seamless client engagement. Harness
digital marketing for exceptional results.


Aim at
buyers with data-driven precision. Nurture a
mindset for success in challenging times.


compelling sales conversations.Cast a
spell on prospects with captivating presentations.


challenges into stepping stones for victory. Create
captivating sales experiences for clients.


lasting connections through words.

Guiding Light: Dr. P. P. Vijayan
the architect of this program, Dr. P P Vijayan—an acclaimed international
business coach, strategist, success visionary, and a seasoned mind trainer with
an unparalleled mastery in real estate. He is an expert in Real Estate buying
and selling and has an experience of training thousands of people in becoming a
world-class real estate consultant.
vision is to sculpt clients into real estate billionaires, harnessing the
transformative power of his proven strategies. With an illustrious history of
guiding numerous individuals to shine as accomplished real estate consultants
and investors, his expertise in the field of real estate is nothing short of
Sajith S J S (MA, Ph.D.) – Visionary Educator, Esteemed Hindi Professor,
Accomplished Psychologist, Mind Empowerment Guru, and Leading Property Sales
Mentor. With diverse contributions, he serves as a key advisory board member
for the 12th World Hindi Conference hosted by the Ministry of External Affairs,
Government of India, in Fiji. Notable for his impactful “Ultimate Money
and Success Blueprint” Workshop.

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