Real Estate – The Wealth Multiplier



Real Estate The Wealth Multiplier

Real Estate is a top business investment avenue to mint money and many billionaires worldwide have made it to the wealth peak by tapping real estate. Lifeline training sessions zoom in on this fact and show both entrepreneurs and prospective entrepreneurs the many advantages of investing in real estate and tell them how to reap rich benefits out of it.

This blog tells you how Real Estate is utilized to become a successful businessman and help multiply your wealth.

Successful real estate businessmen buy properties when the market is down or dull and then wait and sell at a premium when the market goes up. Some of them buy properties and develop by building villas or apartments or business complexes and then sell at a premium to make remarkable profit. Some of them rent out these villas or apartments or business complexes, instead of outright selling. You can certainly diversify with real estate investment through property development and leverage its full potential. Yes, that way real estate generates passive income for a very long time.

That shows real estate ensures stable cash flows for a very long time. The appreciation in real estate values has always been remarkable, but you have to pay attention to selling it at the right time. You can also gain tax advantages out of the real estate investment.

How to buy, develop and sell real estate property are the key points taught in Lifeline classes. The buying techniques, the selling techniques all are important. How to make use of Real Estate Investment Trusts is another key matter. How you can ensure cash flow in real estate business is another point.

You leverage borrowed capital to increase an investment’s potential return. A 25 percent down payment on a mortgage, gets you 100 percent of the house you want to buy, that’s leverage. There is advanced leverage too. Real estate is a tangible asset and can serve as collateral and hence financing is readily available.

Returns from real estate vary depending up on location, asset class and management. Real estate has inflation hedging capability, which your fixed deposit in a bank may not be able to claim.  When economies expand, real estate demand goes up and the rentals too. Real estate has the potential to provide better returns than the stock market, ruling out that much volatility which many of you are afraid of.

You would be surprised to know that nine billionaires made their huge wealth out of real estate in a small place like Hong Kong. That’s the wealth multiplier effect of real estate. Hong Kong is known for its skyline and business avenues. In India and in Kerala too many are thriving in real estate business, multiplying their wealth. But still there is enormous scope left for you to step in and flourish.

What makes you tick in real estate business and how can you multiply wealth through it? You have to approach business scientifically and study the technical and skill aspects in detail or through a crash course. If you take to real estate business without studying it, you would burn your fingers – for that matter in any business. There is a general feeling that you can do business without any study or background preparation. It is not correct. You are investing your valuable savings and hence you need to understand the aspects of the business from a mentor or through good courses. 

Years of research have gone into shaping Lifeline courses, accommodating the best of syllabus from world-class universities like Harvard and Stanford. When you do real estate business after attending Lifeline classes, you will get a billionaire vision and will employ strategies that the best of real estate businessmen across the world use. Techniques like Neuro-Linguistic Programming that are best suited for real estate business find their way to your brain at the classes. You get to know over 100 New Prospecting Methods and over 100 New Closing Methods at the classes. You will also learn how to establish business networks, how law of attraction works, negotiation skills and business etiquettes.

The real estate sector is on the revival path after the mayhem played by the pandemic. Interest rates for housing loans are at a historic low, with major lending firms putting forth attractive home loan options in the range of 6.75% to 7.5%. Home loans at the current interest rates give room for enough savings while creating an asset for end-use or as investment. Now borrowers can raise the loan amount, and buy a more luxurious property. Online search activity for the residential properties has gone up sharply, surpassing the pre-Covid levels by 30-40% in most markets. So, there is enough opportunity in real estate now.

All Lifeline classes have now gone online and you can learn the real estate buying and sales strategies from the comforts of your home. Start multiplying your wealth from now!


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