Success Coaching and Counselling

What is Success Coaching and Counselling?

workshop by Dr. P.P Vijayan

Are you a trainer/ aspiring trainer/ businessman/ mentor? Are you in search of excellence, better prospects, better avenues and personal as well as social gains?
Dr. P.P. Vijayan, the master trainer and mentor of many corporate bigwigs, has formulated a certified trainer’s programme on Success Coaching and Counselling to equip trainers and aspiring trainers to carve a niche of their own and to take up real world challenges.

This 5-day intensive training programme makes use of advanced technology and state-of-the art techniques and resources to mould you as one of the highly-paid trainer/ counsellor/ mentor who can train any number of people from any given field of expertise.

    • Who can participate?If you are a trainer, aspiring trainer, counselor, mentor, teacher, student or a businessman, you can check in. You may see the detailed list at the end of this brochure. This training programme helps you to mould yourself as a success coach, specializing in 12 areas such as success secrets, motivation, leadership, goal-setting, leadership, interpersonal skills, communication, presentation skills and counselling. Once completing the programme, you can undertake training in any of these areas.
    • What differentiates a success coach from a regular trainer?It is all about expertise and excellence. As a trainer, you will need to tackle different situations and deal with a variety of subjects with equal competence. The Success Coaching and Counselling programme helps you face this and gives you an opportunity to transform yourself and hone your professional skills, receiving the best from motivational philosophy and positive psychology.
    • Can you elaborate those 12 points?Think big: The best way to be a success coach by learning success will be looking at patterns. Look at the lives of successful persons across time and places and find out their success rules. They can be understood and incorporated in lives. With this, you are thinking big and inspiring others to think big.Goal setting As a trainer, you may need to address students and employees who need a specific goal to move forward. Goal setting is an art and it needs a deeper understanding of the personality and interests of the individual concerned. With adequate psychological support that the course offers to you, you can do with this ease.

      Leadership skills Every field, from a school to a big corporate firm, needs a leader. Kindling the leadership abilities within individuals and developing them as full-fledged pioneer is an important duty a trainer should take up. For this, you need your own share of leadership skills. This will be taken care of in this programme.

      Motivate Motivation is a fuel to move forward. The better you fill people with it, the more they will be successful. The best elements from positive psychology as well as motivational psychology would help you to be motivated and to inspire others.

      Effective communication Learn and teach to communicate effectively. Communication is the key for all successful ventures around the globe. Unless you do it in the best possible way, you can’t succeed.

      Interpersonal skills Developing interpersonal skills is extremely important when it comes to the working environment of an enterprise. Corporate firms are keen to get trainers who specialize in this field and you can cash in on this factor.

      Presentation skills Your idea may be worth billions, but if your presentation falters, everything falters. You need to learn presentation techniques to shine as a success coach and you can improve the presentation skills of others, too, with the insightful curriculum of Success Coaching and Counselling Programme.

      Laws of success Success has some universal laws, learn them; you are set to shoot down stars. It is like a recipe that would work anywhere, make it delicious with clever use of its elements and guide others to taste success, too.

      Team dynamics A good team is any business’s dream. Help them realize it through the team-building techniques elaborated in this programme.

      Ultimate success secrets This will give you an edge over other trainers, because as a success coach, you know what constitutes a success and how to invoke it. You’ll be successful as a trainer and your happiness will know no bounds to see your trainees being successful. Enjoy the Goosebumps!

      Key to ultimate power The ultimate power is within your mind. The undefeatable, brilliant, allembracing energy of mind power is there within everyone, waiting to be discovered. Tap this potential to the maximum and see the wonders!

      Marketing techniques A good trainer may always not reach places. It needs dedicated and intelligent marketing. Success Coaching and Counselling will help you market yourself as a brilliant trainer and to teach others how to market themselves as what they want to be.

    • What will be my professional prospects?

Your prospects can be classified as follows, depending who you are:

Aspiring trainer: You love to train, you know that training is an exciting profession but you do not know how to start and take your career forward. This course is absolutely beneficial for beginners as it covers all important topics related to starting up, and taking forward your own training establishment as well as marketing your services.

Existing trainer: If you are presently a professional trainer but feel limited in terms of opportunities and resources, Success Coaching and Counselling programme encourages and equips you to deal with different situations and a variety of challenges. If you are currently a student trainer, you can start training corporate employees, too, by going through our exhaustive resources and training sessions.

Counsellors: Counselling is an excellent career opportunity where you can attain self-actualization and financial gains by spending a few hours from your daily schedule. The programme trains you to become a successful counsellor who will help people to solve their problems related to personal lives, career and performance; and through the counselling sessions during the programme you’ll be given an opportunity to fix your own problems. Self-help is the best help, always.

Businessmen: If you run a business, you will need to train your employees. However, as a trained success coach, you needn’t hire trainers; you can do it on your own. Who knows your employees better than you do?

    • I run a company. How the programme would help me to improve my human resources?The traditional concept of a ‘businessman’ has undergone a sea-change; now, the entrepreneurs who are also guides and mentors to their employees are highly regarded. The Success Coaching and Counselling programme will help you to: Conduct training and coaching classes for your employees regularly, to keep them motivated and on the track. As you are trained deeply in 12 topics, you will be never short of topics. You can redesign your sessions depending on your long-term/ short term goals.

       Your employees’ personal problems and their chemistry within the workplace may affect the output. You may offer a helping hand, counselling them and helping them to cope up with and alleviate adversities. This can include their family problems, psychological difficulties like stress and depression and internal tiff within employees. Bringing in a beneficial change to their life will make you more than a boss to them. You will be respected as a guru, a mentor and a guide.

    • I am a student. How can I benefit?The benefits you receive will be multi-faceted: You’ll be able to set your goals, excel in campus placements, pass exams with excellent grades and earn extra money through taking sessions.
    • What means to be a success coach?It means you are a self-employed, high-earning professional with no geographical barriers limiting your career. Success coaches are welcomed by schools, colleges, NGOs and corporate firms globally and with enhanced knowledge and soft skills, you can reach for skies. Nothing can stop you. With the certification, you’ll receive professional credential as a success coach.
    • What kind of exposure I’ll be receiving?In Success Coaching and Counselling programme, you are getting exposed to the solutions of almost all the problems you are going to face as a trainer. It enhances your personal confidence, excellence, expertise, mental power and leadership qualities. You can also leverage your circle of influence and lifestyle by meeting and interacting with people from different areas of lives and industry experts.
    • How will I find my specializing field?You will be receiving a clear-picture of your unique skill set you have by assessing your personality and interests so that you can transform it into a highly lucrative business.
    • I am afraid my personality and lifestyle do not suit those of a trainer.Your lifestyle and personality are what YOU define. You can create your ideal lifestyle and then build your business to match that lifestyle. It will add more quality to your life as it will be filled with fun, fulfilment and freedom.
    • Are the fees very high?

You are making an investment for the lifetime. Your income and exposure will know no bounds when you establish yourself as an excellent success coach.

The programme will also equip you with the confidence and competence to deal with a variety of clients- from businessmen to students- and to lead them through individualised yet established methods of success coaching. The comprehensive training is designed in such a way that you can learn and apply business development skills and professional marketing expertise.

Do not miss out these benefits:

  •  A self-transforming experience; you can boost your confidence, personal charisma, soft skills and set concrete goals.
  •  You can bring an impact in other’s lives: Develop them as better individuals, find solutions for their problems, mend families, allow them to perform well as students and employees and cultivate good leaders.
  •  Learn techniques to leverage your expertise, revenues, profits and professional success .
  •  Discover secret of clear and focused mindset.
  •  Avail tools to coach individuals, businesses, companies and NGOs.
  •  Time-tested methods to achieve superior techniques.
  •  Monetize your expertise with long-term and short-term marketing techniques

Who can attend?

  •  Counsellors, aspiring counsellors
  •  Entrepreneurs/NGO promoters
  •  Social workers
  •  Trainers/ aspiring trainers
  •  Training co-ordinators
  •  Medical professionals
  •  HR Managers
  •  Team leaders
  •  Business persons
  •  Business persons
  •  Teachers
  •  IT professionals
  •  Placement officers of Educational institutions
  •  Counsellors of Educational Institutions