Spirituality of Sex


Spiritual Sex

Love that Go Beyond Physical

Sex is sin’, ‘sex is forbidden’, ‘sex is dirty’ you might have heard these kinds of statements from your friends, family members, and society. In fact, Sex is Divine! Sex is a physical activity that involves your mind, body, and soul. During sexual union, it emits sacred cosmic energy that not only connects two individuals but also two pure souls. It is a divine way to lead a pleasurable life.

Indian concept of sexuality

The culture and lifestyle of ancient Indian society are demonstrated in various forms of art, literature, sculptures, scriptures, religion, habits, leisure, and even in our outfits. But much before that, some 300 BCE, Indian scholar Vatsyayana wrote Kama Sutra, a Sanskrit manual on sexuality, eroticism, and emotional fulfillment in life. The book explains the art of having pleasurable life, the essence of love, finding a life partner, nurturing your love life, and various other aspects for the pursuit of happiness. Above all, the theme of the book is the manifestation of Indian societal attitude toward sex as a natural component of human life. During various invasions and later globalization, the unique sexual attitude has completely melted away.  

The link between sex and spirituality

So, what is spiritual sex? It is the divine energy that goes beyond the physical pleasure of the genital orgasm. You are deeply connecting yourself with the divine. Uniting deeply with one another is a delightful way to link with the eternal spirit. It paves you the way to spiritual ecstasy. 

Just like all your physical needs, sex is also vital to every human being. It plays an important role in the maintenance of physical and mental health. Spiritual sex should be consciously practiced to generate intense love for your soulmate. Spiritual sex strengthens the bond between the partners that helps them to have a long-term relationship.

How to practice spiritual sex?

Spiritual sex is necessary for all human beings and society. Sexual energy is the major source that connects your life and eternal divine, it gives physical, emotional, and mental pleasure. Let’s look at how you can practice spiritual sex.

Create a sense of spiritual sexuality

Realize that human beings have spiritual sense ingrained in them, ie, you are part of the eternal divine. Acknowledge sex and spirituality are one. Never think that sex is a sin or forbidden. Enjoy every single moment. Recognize it as a delightful, inspiring, stunning, and awesome moment in your life. Between your soulmate there is no need for any restriction, it should occur naturally and freely. 

Recognize your partner as divine

Accept and worship divinity in your partner. This led you to have ultimate spiritual sex. Realize the physical act of sex as worship of your soulmate who is a revered representation of eternity. Give the best for your partner, love them with your heart, soul, and body.


Create a sensual and neat environment for spiritual sex

Sex will bloom only if you create a healthy and beautiful environment. Sex is a physical act engaging all your senses. Beautifully make your bed, light aromatic candles, set a dim light that can arouse your partner for the ultimate union.

Clean your body and mind

It is essential to have a clean and healthy body for sexual worship. Pamper your body with aromatic oils, and prepare your body the way you want. Stimulate your body and welcome your partner to meet. While preparing for a spiritual union, you need to have mindfulness. 

Identify your partner’s sexual space 

Never blame your partner and move on, arouse the sexual desire. Love their body and soul. Once you understand your partner’s need you can have your spiritual union. 

 Hear your sexual instinct

Open up your ear and eyes, and allow yourself to hear the inner voice. Let every spiritual sex be a new experience for you and your life. Let every single act during your spiritual sex enlighten the mind, soul, and body. Let sex and spirituality effortlessly merge.

Motivate your brain 

Your spouse, especially women, sex starts in their mind. Their imagination is more powerful than men, so taking them to the height of pleasure needs 100% dedication. The concept of spirituality enables partners to have an emotional attachment throughout their life.

Experience the spiritual orgasm 

Orgasm is the sudden release of a large amount of positive energy. Imbibe this luminous energy and practice to emit the energy. Transcend yourself to the highest peak of sexual moment. Realize the blissful moment with your partner. Always be thankful to each other. Make your life happy with the spiritual concept of love.

Realize the importance of aftercare 

There should be a sudden full stop to your spiritual sex. You need to care for your partner after physical intimacy. Share your experience and appreciate your partner. Remember, the energy you emit during and after spiritual sex is divine. To experience it throughout your life, you need to nourish it.  


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