When Power Is Realized

Written by on 13th February 2020

A fully pregnant lion was walking through a stream without food.  She gave birth there and instantly she died. A goat saw this incident and decided to take care of the little cub. The goat brought up the lion to the jungle along with her young ones. Days went fast. While growing up, the lamps were crying ‘ba, ba’, while the lion cub also learned to cry ‘ba, ba’.

One day another elder lion passed through this way and saw this lion crying, ba, ba.

He asked the lion cub “You’re a lion then why are you living with the flock?”  “I’m not a lion. I’m a lamb.” Said the lion, who grew up along with the flock.

Immediately the elder lion burst into laughter. He called the lion cub and went to a clear stream. Then the elder lion told the cub to look at the stream.

Look. Are you a lion or a lamb? Can you see the image and majesty of your face? Is your eternal body look like a lamb? You are a lion, the real lion king of the jungle.

Am I right? ”He asked the little lion. Hearing those inspiring words, the lion cub looked back into his image. You are right I’m not a lamb. I am a lion. The lion king of the forest screamed loudly as the valley shook.

The lion cub now starts recognizing the real power within him. Identifying the real power within us is not easy. We need to wait for the right time to know about our real strength. The time and situation decides us and makes us awake.

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