The mind is the most powerful source of our energy 

The mind is the most powerful source of our energy 

We have just learnt that the mind is more than its physical entity-the brain and it is the most powerful source of energy. It is also called the powerful, countless, enigmatic source of energy that we carry within us.human mind

The renowned scientist Albert Einstein had once supposed that finding a new thing is just like climbing a mountain. The mind is the most powerful source of our energy  The first phase of any discovery is starting to view things from a new perspective. We are gearing up for a change of perspective here. Discovering the mind is pure ecstasy. Knowing its immense capacities will fill within us a pleasure that we had never, ever experienced before.

Human Mind -The mind is the most powerful source of our energy 

Just have a look around, you begin to wonder how fast our energy can transform the trivial into something useful and attractive. What about the wonders of the Great Wall of China and the Eiffel Tower and you must believe that they are such human-made wonders? These are the innovations and inventions that have transformed our world? Have you ever thought where all these miracles had first grown? They are all born inside the Human Mind which is called the most potent resource in nature.human mind


  • What is the Human Brain?


The size and average weight of the human brain are almost the same for every human. Billions of nerve cells create its 1.5 kg mass. We do not vary in the number or ability of these nerve cells much. But even on a deeper look, we will notice that we are poles apart from each other in skills, capabilities, intelligence, emotions and tastes. There is a more important and more striking contrast when it comes to the advantages that each of us has. 


  •  The preeminence of our human mind


The preeminence of the human mind is something that science and religion tend to agree upon universally. The beautiful story above is a simplified example of how the human mind has derived the specialities that have helped it to create this whole world in the way it wants to. The human mind has created substances which had not already been in nature at the beginning. It shows that the human mind has massive potentials to realize whatever it dreams. 


  • The human mind – The energy source


The human brain is basically called the source of our energy. It also fills energy in the universe. The energy within ourselves is what we call as “The powerful mind.” But it is a simple fact that energy cannot be held up. It is everywhere, mixed in the universe. The power that we hold inside us is thus the essential part of the universal oneness of that constantly vibrating energy. By considering, we are accessing that inspiring oneness that ties us and the universe.


  •  The human mind – philosophy 


In concept and content, Indian philosophy is different from other counterparts. In Indian philosophy, we believe that mind is a powerful source and anything we believe in our mind it can happen really. As per the psychological functions, the perceiving mind coordinates our five organs of perception. Our mind can intellect and distinguishes the self-ego and the subconscious mind act as a storehouse of past impressions. The mind is also an organ of attention. In quick sequence, it attends to one thing at a time and creates the flow of thoughts. 

The real power of our mind

Generally, we believe that the mind nourishes only our body. The mind has immense power and it can do anything that really wants. If we want to achieve something first believe inside the mind and then make it happen truly. If we want to know more about our conscious mind and subconscious mind just have a look below, power of our mind

  1. Conscious mind, 

Both the conscious mind and subconscious mind has different function depends on the five senses. The conscious mind actually knows to know what reality is and it is aware of what it observes, gathers sorts out data, rational and makes choices and quick judgments. It also has analyzing skills so that we can think and decide rightly. 

  1. Subconscious mind

The subconscious mind can remember everything and stores emotions. It takes the direction from the conscious mind thus becomes less logical and more spontaneous. It has a direct connection with the Universal mind so it can accept information and personally uses metaphors, imagery and symbols.


  • Conscious mind versus subconscious mindConscious Mind_Subconscious Mind


  1. The conscious mind is the thinker and the theorist within us. It draws insights from our collected experiences to reach balanced conclusions. Here, your conscious mind decides and controls all your actions. You have seen the clouds; you have received the essential information through one of your senses. 
  2. The next step is analyzing what you have seen. Your knowledge and experience tell you that if there are clouds, it may rain and it is logical to carry an umbrella with you. Here, your conscious mind commands all the choices you make.
  3. There is no question of superiority; yet, it is the subconscious mind that holds the infinite energy to transform our mind. When we use the word “Mind Power” it mostly means a strong desire to emerge winning, powerful and wealthy. 
  4. The desire is often the making of the subconscious level, and hence, the subconscious mind holds that superb key to get success in one’s life. The capabilities of this level of mind, which largely remains available. We can just make it simple and make the best out of our lives. 

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