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Written by on 5th March 2020


Everyone wishes to make their life active and energetic. Just listen can you feel energetic and active always? Think a while before saying no. Perhaps you can do it often with some golden rules. Just read these following ideas to make you active throughout the day.

Try to do new activities every day

Do some activities that must challenge you and makes you think actively every day, or you will soon discover that it is not difficult for you to make the entire day active and energetic. Don’t struggle too much to make your mind and body active. Just do a logic some logic puzzles, crosswords, memory improving games every day these can be found in almost any related books, newspapers and as you keep doing on, you will notice that they become much easier.

The most important thing you can do to keep the full function of your life and mind is able to increase the power of your brain that will gradually make you feel better. Also make sure you need to do things with full interest. Trying new and different things does not simply relate to the puzzles or doing word games as already mentioned. If you repeat the same you feel bored so every time learns to do something new, fresh connections are made, and info is being stored in your brain. The more connections that are made, the more operative your memory will be. 

Make small changes in your daily activities 

First of all, you need to unlock the power of the brain then only you can feel active. When you feel sleepy while doing things it makes your focusing power diminished and so you can’t complete your work at the time. So what you can do, just change your sleeping habits.

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Sleeping habits 

During the free daytime, you need to avoid sleeping. Do weight loss or simple exercise, journaling, and take a small outing. Make your night sleeping time extended which means sleep up to 6 to 7 hours a day. After waking up try to do 2 hours of exercise or yoga helps you a lot. 

Before going bed

Unblock from the world, visit the bathroom, schedule and plan early sleep, meditation, imagine about tomorrow, stretch your body, relax your mind and maximize your sleeping environment. You can sleep in a comfy bed Keep and create a calming atmosphere. Try to make the bedroom dark at night.


Tips to get deep sleep

These sleeping tips definitely help you to have a deep sleep. Just follow these things

Remove the electromagnetic fields

  • Take away the clock from your view
  • Maintain the temperature of your room to a maximum of 24 degree Celsius
  • Remove earphones out of your head
  • Make your mind peaceful
  • Avoid brain motivating activities[wpapp_recent]

Things to avoid before going to bed

Don’t show interest in seeing any horror movies before going to bed, since this may upset your brain. Also, it will give you terrifying thoughts and shocks while trying to sleep. Watch happy things that will get the stress out of your mind hence makes you easier to sleep. 

Try to stay optimistic 

Thinking positive thoughts will help to cool your mind and permit you to fall asleep. Go to your happy place in your mind. Avoid eating anything heavy right before going to bed. It is recommended to eat at least three hours former than going to bed. Note down the whole thing happening in your mind on a sheet of paper before going bed, so you don’t stay attentive or feel disturbed about things happened during the day. Try to stay optimistic 

Healthy foods help you to stay active

You don’t think that you’re eating habit could have a huge impact on your mind, but you will be surprised to see the result. Eating a large quantity of processed or junk foods will not only make you feel tired also it causes you to gain weight, but they make your brain lazy due to the chemicals and non-essential fatty acids that allow the brain to function at its most effective. Replace the junk foods with fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and protein-rich foods so you will notice soon the difference, both in your mind and body.Healthy foods help you to stay active

Nutrition tips for enhancing health

Spending much time in front of the TV and stressing about the happenings, consuming a bulk quantity of grains before bed, consuming many sugars before going bed may affect your sleeping habits. Nutrition tips for enhancing health

Drinking warm milk, maximizing your water intake before bed, eating early 3 hours before sleep and eating high protein foods surely makes your sleep better. If you want to relax just meditate before sleeping. This will help to relax your body as well as mind. You know one thing, sleeping with socks helps you. Being in warm feet has been identified to help people easily fall asleep. Blow your nose before going bed.  

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