A mighty chance to win success and millions


Mind Mastery Trainers’ Training Programme

Date & Location


26 December 2018 – 6 January 2019 at Ernakulam,Kerala,India

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What is your dream profession?


Of course, it will be something that is well-paid and personally fulfilling, though most of the times we need to choose between these two. Not any more, Lifeline presents before you a unique opportunity to become a trainer-counselor who can transform lives.


Do you want to


Be wealthier?


Optimize your potentials?


Be healthy, energetic, and vibrant?


Bring substantial positive strides in your relations?


Improve spiritually?


Win a successful career which is equally fulfilling and highly-paid?

Meet the master trainer


Dr. P.P. Vijayan 


Dr. P.P. Vijayan is a mind power trainer, psychologist, motivational speaker and success coach who travels around the globe on his training and counseling missions. Dedicated to uplift and enlighten human lives, his training and counseling have skyrocketed thousands to the realm of success and that explains why he is a hot favourite of entrepreneurs, corporate leaders, political leaders and movie stars. Author of more than 36 books, he has published his research findings in many national and international journals.

Hello, this is Trainer’s Training Programme by Dr. P.P. Vijayan

A 12-day residential programme that presents a unique success formula for a better life


Cashes in on infinite power of human mind, explores how this can be utilized to bring about positive change in wealth, health, family, career, relations and spirituality


The intensive coaching will help you bring qualitative change in your life and will equip you as an effective trainer, in terms of insight and resources.


Trainers are highly-paid professionals, around the world as more and more corporate, government firms and NGOs view motivation and orientation an important part of employees’ growth.


This career offers you seven levels of happiness and personal fulfilment


As a trainer, you can earn better than a university professor does, complemented by the feeling of fulfilment as you bring about positive changes in many lives.


The profession leaves behind a legacy where you’ll be remembered with love and gratitude

Why is Mind Mastery Excel Trainer’s Training Programme unique?


It enhances micro-skills through the most advanced learning techniques


Sessions that promote critical thinking and logical reasoning


Enhances stage performance skills


A holistic approach that combines new-age wisdom with the goodness from the best spiritual thoughts around the world, aimed at optimizing the mind power.


It has a universal approach; it is religious neutral and tells how to awaken the subconscious mind and use its immense potentials for the development of the self, and the world.


The sessions train you in using visualizations, affirmations and meditations so that you are deeply in touch with your life purpose.


You learn, and you teach thereby maximizing the benefits


Our Unique selling proposition


The Trainer’s Training Programme encompasses Indian Vedic, Islamic, Buddhist and Biblical wisdom about mind.


It helps you approach issues from different perspectives and evolve a comprehensive base.


It will be complemented by the most modern practical knowledge in the field of positive psychology and human sciences, so that you can have a proper grounding for your knowledge.

What makes it special


Highly interactive, activity-based workshops


Technology enhanced learning


Usage of hypermedia


Presentation skills


Tips to get clients and corporate business


Tips to create and facilitate powerful partnerships and mastermind groups


Art of leading guided visualization and meditation


Experience India!


India has been the land of powerful meditation techniques. Its ancient seers wrote the many of the best philosophy texts in the world. Be part of that Vedic wisdom refined with new positive psychology. Know how deep meditation can change your lives.


You may also practice and train Yoga, the practice that dates back to 1700 BCE, but still vibrant for its mental and physical benefits. Learn it from the authentic gurus.


Indulge your body and in Kalaripayattu, the mother of all martial arts in the world, which enhances concentration, endurance and physical agility. The experts from God’s Own Country, Kerala, are ready to train you.


Kerala also boasts of practicing the best Ayurveda, with healers who were practicing it traditionally for centuries. Ayurveda is globally viewed as a synonym for wellness and you’ll get an opportunity to opt for its rejuvenation packages and replenish yourself with nature’s goodness.


Alternative healing systems such as naturopathy will get you solutions aplenty, from nature’s bounty.


And more over, you are hosted by a five-star hotel in Kerala, The God’s Own Country. Kerala has been listed as one of the 50 places one should visit in his lifetime by the National Geographic. After the training sessions are over, you can avail our tour facility to explore the scenic state.

Benefits for you


Money, fame, self-actualization and satisfaction


Global exposure, self-transformation


A joyful, fulfilling, high-paying profession


You are your own boss


You’ll be surrounded by people who seek your help and advice


You’ll be influential



What we offer

Trainer certification


Elaborate trainers’ kit


International Trainers’ Resources (around 1200 GB)


Trainer manual


Ready to use modules, presentations and PPTs




Specialized Training Module on Training Marketing, and many more…

Refund Policy


If any bona fide participant after actively participating till the end of the workshop honestly believes that the learning from the workshop is not suitable for his or her personal requirements, avail refund on the spot.